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The Helen West Casebook - Deep Sleep When the wife of a respected pharmacist dies in her sleep, it seems like natural causes--except for the ...

Amanda Burton on Parkinson Pt 1

Amanda Burton appears on Parkinson.

The Helen West Casebook - Shadowplay A street sweeper and a lowlife, Lycett makes many court appearances, often charged with lewd acts but ...

Amanda Burton on The One Show - 2010!

Amanda Burton discusses her new role as Karen Fisher, Head Teacher of Waterloo Road, on The One Show. August 2010!

Amanda Burton - Pollyanna.

A short music video of Amanda Burton as Aunt Polly in Pollyanna.

CLASSIC BROOKSIDE Clips: Amanda Burton's Final Scene

No words as Heather leaves which made it an even sadder and more effective scene. After her husband had OD'd on heroin, ...

amanda burton the commander interview

amanda burton commander interview no copyright intended thnankyou to doihavetodanceallnight for tis amazing video.

Karen and Rob - You got me

Because they were just the cutest couple :') Forrr Ella 3.

Amanda Burton on This Morning

Amanda discusses her latest series of Silent Witness.

CLASSIC BROOKSIDE Clips: Amanda Burton & Alan Rothwell as Heather & Nick (1986)

Heather's husband Nick appeared to be a respectable gentleman at first but also had a secret heroin addiction and after Heather ...

Pollyanna Part 4

Set in 1913, Pollyanna is the timeless tale of a little girl (Georgina Terry) who goes to live with her wealthy but bitter aunt (Amanda ...

Amanda Burton in Black Bear Rescue_part 1 - Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.

Part One of a program about the work of black bear rehabilitation and Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc. (IBBR)

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