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Tribute to Billie Dove

Billie Dove (May 14, 1903 -- December 31, 1997) was an American actress. Dove was born Bertha Bohny to Charles and Bertha ...

The Black Pirate (1926) Douglas Fairbanks, Billie Dove "The Black Pirate" Amazon: 1926 Directed by: Albert Parker Produced by: ...

Billie Dove in Sensation Seekers 1926 Excerpt -Rescored with Vintage Movie Mood Music

The final film for acclaimed Woman Writer/Director/Producer Lois Weber. Starring Billie Dove on the cusp of the peak of her ...

48 Wonderful Photos Showing the Cinematic Career of Actress Billie Dove During the 1920s & 1930s

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Movie Legends - Billie Dove

Ravishing photogenic silent Star of the Twenties who retired from Hollywood in the early Thirties.

SENSATION SEEKERS (Silent - 1926) Billie Dove

Surviving fragments of the 1926 Universal - Jewel production based on Ernest Pascal's story "Egypt". Roughly 3 of the original 7 ...

Movie Legends - Billie Dove (Reprise)

Stunningly beautiful silent screen star known for her voluptuous femininity. Best known film 'The Black Pirate (1926)

Billie Dove

In her silent heyday, this ravishing and highly photogenic star, known for her voluptuous femininity on the silent screen, rivaled ...

The life of Billie Dove 1903-1997 - 1920's Flapper Girl

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1920s Hollywood Actress Billy Dove

TC In: 012239 Reel #: 1254 Scenes from silent film staring Billy Dove This clip is available for licensing without time code and ...

Movie Legends - Billie Dove (Finale)

Billie Dove was an American actress of the silent screen, retiring in 1932.

Night of 100 Stars features Silent Screen Actresses

This segment of the star-studded 1985 TV special, The Night of 100 Stars features Bernadette Peters introducing silent screen ...

Unsung Heroes of Silent Film Pt1: Leatrice Joy Billie Dove Laura La Plante ...

Who are the unsung heroes of silent film? In this video you will find out about some of them, featured on original trade cards from ...

Billie Dove 5

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W/ the modifiers, tape deck, river city tanlines, richard james & ross johnson, j.d. reager & the cold blooded three.

Movie Legends - Billie Dove (Portrait)

Billie Dove was an American actress, who became one of the most popular stars of the 1920s.

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