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Grimm Season 5 "Rosalee" Interview - Bree Turner

Grimm Season 5 on-set interview with Bree Turner. Watch more Grimm Season 5 interviews & behind-the-scenes videos ...

Grimm 100th Episode Interview - Bree Turner

Grimm 100th Episode "Into the Scharzwald" interview with Bree Turner. Watch more Grimm Season 5 interviews ...

Celeb Pick 'Em with Bree Turner

Actress Bree Turner makes her prediction for the Final Four.

Bree Turner Talks Grimm Season 2 Finale - Main Character Dies!?

Bree Turner Grimm interview, talking season 2 spoilers, Rosalee and Monroe's relationship, zombies, and a character potentially ...

GLASS HOUSES aka THE BABYSITTER'S REVENGE - Trailer (starring Bree Turner)

GLASS HOUSES - Movie Trailer / Bande-Annonce [Expand for more info] Starring Bree Turner with Aviva Mongillo, Steve Byers, ...

Vicky interviews Bree Turner and Clair Coffee of Grimm

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Bree Turner Promises Grimmsters Won't Be Disappointed by the Final Season of 'Grimm'| WHOSAY

Although Grimmsters are devastated about the fact that the sixth season of 'Grimm' is going to be its last one, Bree Turner, who ...

“Grimm” cast member Bree Turner talks about show’s final season

We're on the set of "Grimm" in Portland, talking to cast members as they work on the show's final season. Feel free to embed video ...

Grimm @ Comic-Con 2015! David Giuntoli! Bree Turner!

Join the stars of Grimm on the yacht with TV Insider!

Bree Turner American Actress Biography & Lifestyle

Quick Facts KNOWN FOR Rosalee NICKNAME: Bree FULL NAME: Bree Nicole Turner PROFESSION: Dancer, Actress ...

Rink Drinks with Grimm's Bree Turner

NBC's "Grimm" is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales, and features lots of fun creatures! We caught ...

FOX 11 Google+ Hangout: Bree Turner Talks Grimm Season Finale

Thanks for watching! You can check out Bree's interview with Steve and Maria during Good Day LA as well, by checking out this ...

Grimm Season 3: "Twelve Days of Krampus" Bree Turner Intv h264 hd

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Bree Turner on the Grimm Season Finale | POPSUGAR News

Bree Turner stopped by our Los Angeles studio to give us some of the details on the upcoming season finale of Grimm. Plus, she ...

Bree Turner Interview - The Ugly Truth

Bree Turner discusses The Ugly Truth and her character in this romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

Grimm Season 3: Bree Turner "Rosalee" On Set TV Interview

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She is - Rosalee Calvert / bree turner


My Best Friend's Wedding - Wishing and Hoping

My Best Friend's Wedding Title Sequence featuring Bree Turner, Raci Alexander, Jennifer Garrett, and Kelly Sheerin. (1997)

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