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Women of the Three Stooges: Christine McIntyre

Well featherbrains, Here is installment #1 to "Women of the Three Stooges". The ever popular Christine McIntyre. (ALERT!


It was Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe besser, and Curly Joe. On this B&W movies.

Shemp's Ad-libs Delight Christine McIntyre In "Of Cash and Hash" (3 Stooges, 1955)

"Of Cash and Hash" was Christine McIntyre's final appearance with the Three Stooges. At the end, Shemp gets to demonstrate the ...

Three Stooges Actress Christine McIntyre

This mini reel features Three Stooges actress Christine McIntyre. Stooge lovers worldwide know and love her from her many ...


Before he rejoined the Three Stooges team in 1947, Shemp Howard had his own solo 2-reeler comedy series at Columbia ...

Christine McIntyre meets Shemp Howard.

In " OPEN SEASON FOR SAPS " shemp howard was funnyman actor, And christine mcintyre was beautiful actress in 1944.

The Three Stooges: Micro-Phonies with Christine McIntyre

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The Three Stooges - Best of Christine McIntyre

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Christine McIntyre - Early career

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WIFE TO SPARE Two-Reel Comedy Andy Clyde

Released theatrically on 11/20/1947. Co-starring Christine McIntyre, Dick Wessel, Lucille Brown, Emil Sitka. Directed by Edward ...

The Three Stooges: Christina McIntyre Slaps the Shemp out of Shemp in Brideless Groom

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Shemp Howard catching Christine McIntyre. (1944),

That movie called " OPEN SEASON FOR SAPS " it was 1944 in B&W, Shemp howard he is funnyman in the world. And also has 3 ...

Behind the Uniforms - Christine McIntyre Hurley: A Brush With Death

Christine felt like she had lost everything after having her throat slashed on duty. When the day came that she was about to end it ...

Shemp goes off

One of the funniest things I ever saw in my life. Shemp rocked!! How did Christine McIntyre not laugh out loud during this taping.

Fountain Of Youth - All Gummed Up - 1947

Fountain Of Youth - All Gummed Up - 1947 - Drugstore owners, The Stooges... (Moe, Larry and Shemp) accidentally, on purpose ...

Hugh Herbert and Dudley Dickerson

Lots of re-tread gags in this one! With Christine McIntyre, Dick Curtis and Jack Roper.

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