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Dominique Ellen Dunne - Her Killer Served Less Than 4 Years

Dominique Ellen Dunne was an American actress best known for her role as the oldest daughter in the 1982 horror film ...

Dominique Dunne Love Gone Wrong

One person could have made difference that night. Trying to save a life is not wasting your life.

Dominick Dunne dies

Author Dominick Dunne dies of bladder cancer at the age of 83. CNN's Brooke Anderson reports.

† Dominique Ellen Dunne (1959-1982) †

I've posted this video a long time ago in my old account DDMemorial. I decided to post it again to honor this amazing actress!

Dominick Dunne: After The Party (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Hollywood outcast, best-selling author and chronicler of the rich and famous, Dominick Dunne was one of the world's leading ...

Episode 10 - Heather O'Rourke and Dominique Dunne

Heather O'Rourke and Dominique Dunne starred in one of Hollywood's most famous horror film, "Poltergeist", and soon thereafter ...


This video details the murder of actress Dominique Dunne!

Flowers on the Mantel for Dominique Dunne

Flowers on the Mantel for Dominique Dunne We accidentally Rented a Celebrity Death House... We didn't realize at the time ...

Dominick Dunne on writing about his daughter's murder trial

For his full interview, see

Dominique Dunne 1980 Magic on Love IsLand

Dominique Dunne's movies shouldn't go to waste, she will never be forgotten.

Griffin Dunne on his father, Dominick Dunne

SUBSCRIBE to Larry King's YouTube Channel: Griffin Dunne and Larry King reflect on Griffin's father, the ...

Dominique Dunne Tribute

Tribute to Dominique Dunne.

El aterrador caso de la actriz Dominique Dunne

Era una joven promesa de la pantalla. Su presencia en el cine y la televisión comenzaban a ser familiares para los ...

El asesinato de Dominique Dunne

LND: El 30 de Octubre de 1982, en West Hollywood, la policia encontró una chica inconsciente, se trataba de Dominique Dunne, ...

Dominique Dunne's Father, Stalked her Killer? '82

Actress Dominique Dunne is best remembered for her role in the 1982 film Poltergeist and her murder by former boy friend John ...

Griffin Dunne reads a letter from his father, written during a year of self-isolation - #ReadALetter

This is American actor Griffin Dunne. He chose to #ReadALetter from his father, writer Dominick Dunne, penned in 1980 during a ...

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