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Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce 1978

Real-life couple Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce performing songs from "The Music Man" during a 1978 television special.

The All New Dating Game with Elaine Joyce debut 9/15/86 Part 1

Part 1 of the premiere of "The All New Dating Game", hosted by Elaine Joyce. As originally broadcast on September 15, 1986.

Elaine Joyce - Life and career

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Joyce Elaine Yuille - Come With Me (The Ride is Free)

Taken from the album "Welcome To My World" by Joyce Elaine Yuille, out April 15th 2015. SC473 - 2015 - Schema Records ...

Match Game 73 (Episode 46) (Elaine Joyce First Appearance)

Bobby Van, Elaine Joyce, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Richard Dawson, and Nanette Fabray.

Password Plus (February 15, 1979): Tom Kennedy & Elaine Joyce

To wrap up the finals of my 2017 Bracket Challenge (scoring is listed below; results will be revealed Tuesday), here is a February ...

Match Game 74 (Episode 345) ("Gene's Ugly Pants!") ("Whole World In Her Hands")

Gene's pants are ______! Fannie wears her "hands" sweater. The Match Game panel and audience sign "Whole World In Her ...

Super Password - Elaine Joyce/Tom Poston

WTXF-DT4 Allentown/Philadelphia (UHF Channel 38) A Mark Goodson Television Production Courtesy: FremantleMedia North ...

Match Game '81 - Elaine Joyce's Hair

Gene Rayburn and the panel engage in wry commentary about Elaine Joyce's hairstyle.

Match Game Synd. (Episode 133) (Rare Episode) (Nurse Charles?) (Hamburger BLANK)

This episode has been skipped for years. It finally aired in 2014 on GSN. Today's Panel: Steve Kanaly, Brett Somers, Charles ...

Tattletales | Joyce-Van/Alda/Nye, pt. 2

Everyone in this arena has a money stake in Elaine Joyce & Bobby Van, Flora & Robert Alda, and Anita & Louis Nye in the game ...

Joyce Bulifant Opens Up About The Role That Was Taken Away From Her | Studio 10

The actress sits down with Angela Bishop to talk about her old studio contract, career and almost starring in one of the world's ...

Elaine Joyce

Elaine Joyce.

Match Game: Bobby Van & Elaine Joyce

September 17, 1973. Bobby and Elaine were married. To each other. Other married couples who appeared together: Brett Somers ...

All New Dating Game with Elaine Joyce promo

A promo for "The All New Dating Game", hosted by Elaine Joyce, as aired on KHJ-TV in Los Angeles.

Go - October 5, 1983

With Elaine Joyce and Richard Kline.

Joyce Elaine Yuille - Welcome to My World (Official Video)

Official Video taken from the album "Welcome To My World" by Joyce Elaine Yuille, out April 15th 2015. Video directed by ...

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