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"HIGH HELL" John Derek, Elaine Stewart. 1-19-1958.

"High Hell" Plot - A greedy minor determination's to continue winter blasting in the Canadian Rockies threatens to bring ...

Movie Star Biography~Elaine Stewart

Ravishing redhead Elaine Stewart came onto the film scene in the early 1950s and decorated a number of eastern and western ...

Elaine Stewart as Lila gets between Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas in Bad and the Beautiful mpg

The Bad and the Beautiful starring Lana Turner and Kirk Douglas. Elaine Stewart portrays Lila. She gets between Lana Turner ...

Burke's Law 1963 / Who Killed Billy Jo? / Complete Episode

This episode aired on 11/8/63. Guest Stars: Ida Lupino, Howard Duff, Cesar Romero, Laraine Day, Phil Harris, Tina Louise , Nick ...

The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954) Original Trailer

Directed by Don Weis and starring John Derek, Elaine Stewart, Thomas Gomez, Amanda Blake and Rosemarie Stack.

Gambit (CBS) with Wink Martindale & Elaine Stewart

This video collage that I made is from the game show, "Gambit" that aired on CBS from September 4, 1972 to December 10, 1976.

Elaine Stewart Lower Body Build

Activation techniques + Lower body build.

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) Elaine Stewart

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) Elaine Stewart.

Elaine Stewart Upper Body & Core

Work your core, chest, lats, etc. with this mash-up!

Elaine Stewart Core Stability Training

Train your #1 stabilizer with these 8 Core exercises.

Elaine Stewart Core Training

6 exercises to challenge your core strength.

Elaine Stewart Full Body Routine

Turn up the heat with this Full Body Burner.

Elaine Stewart Full Body

Work it from shoulders to calves.

Elaine Stewart Upper Body w/ Isometric Lower Body

Rep it out above the hips while still putting in work below the hips with this 2 for 1.

Elaine Stewart Trainee Pilot Take Off 2nd vid

Take off and some lovely views of the landscape over the West of Scotland: Video 2 Leading Edge Flying School Glasgow.

Elaine Stewart Full Body HIIT

9 exercises, 30 minutes.

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