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Hatty Jones interview 1998. "Madeline" star.Age 10

Heres Hatty in an interview promoting her movie "Madeline". This is from my collection.

Out of It - Ep1 - The 28 Club

Lucy is fine about turning 28. She's fine about spending her birthday night in with her housemate. She's so fine she's ...

Offstage Episode 11 - The Actor Gets Career Advice

Jess bumps into a family friend while out running. He offers her some tips to help improve her acting career. Set in contemporary ...

Hatty Jones what a wonderful world

A Hatty Jones tribute who played Madeline in 1998 with "What a wonderful world" that was played at the end of the movie.

Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America-The 1975 Cover by Hatty Jones & David Fink

Lockdown got us trying some new stuff- we hope you enjoy listening! (What an amazing song?!)

Someone Like You Cover/Mash Up-Hatty Jones & Isaac O

Collaborated with the amazing IsaacO to have a jam today. If you enjoy the video please like, comment and subscribe. Link to my ...

Robbers-The 1975 cover by Hatty Jones

This is probably the only song I can sort of play and sing so here ya go!! Sorry about cutting the ending but my phone can't really ...

Hatty Jones - Then And Now.wmv

Hatty Jones - Then And Now.

Somebody else-The 1975 cover by Hatty Jones

This song is up there with the best ever. Hope I did it justice, enjoy x.

Madeline child star then and now: Hatty Jones is doing THIS now

Madeline child star then and now: Hatty Jones is doing THIS nowRELEASED in 1998 and starring Frances McDormand in the ...

Out of It - Ep3 - Feeling Fresh

Lucy's gone missing, perfect time for Sarah and Frankie to pick up. Student Halls are calling. CREDITS SARAH Hatty Jones ...

Offstage Episode 9 - The Actor's Saturday Night.

http://www.heavywaitproductions.co.uk Staying in on a Saturday night Jess overhears her mum talking about her. Actors: Jess ...

Rocket Man-Elton John Cover by Hatty Jones

More lockdown tunes being made because, why not? So much time and so little to do!! Hope you enjoy this one. Backing track: ...

Silent Night- Hatty Jones Cover

Missed my microphone whilst at Uni so had a quick go on it today. Thought I should record a little something Christmassy...it's only ...

{Hatty Jones} did you practice your autograph.

I loved the movie madeline, and i thought Hatty was adorable, so i wanted to make a video of her. :)

I Want To Break Free- Queen cover by Hatty Jones & David Fink

Lets be honest, who doesn't want to BREAK FREE from lockdown and this nightmare right now! But hang in there everyone-you're ...

Offstage Episode 4 - The (Acting) Job That Got Away

http://www.heavywaitproductions.co.uk Ali comforts Jess after being rejected from her big audition. Set in contemporary London, ...

Hungry Like The Wolf- Duran Duran Cover by Hatty Jones & David Fink

More lockdown music from us, I swear I'm having more fun than it looks :') (Didn't realise my face was so grumpy!)

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