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Sagal Twins 1983 Doublemint Gum Commercial

Jean and Liz Sagal in a 1983 commercial for Doublemint Gum.

Katey Sagal opens up about her past drug addiction in new memoir

The actress appears on "GMA" to discuss her new book, "Grace Notes: My Recollections."

Double Trouble dance contest episode

Double Show - TV show from 1984. This was my favorite episode! loved it when they danced! :) Double Trouble is an American ...

Double Trouble (1984): Where Are They Now?

find out what ever happen to the 1984 tv show, Double Trouble.

GREASE 2 - 35th Anniversary Reunion Screening FULL Q&A

March 12, 2018 GREASE 2 35th Anniversary Reunion Screening Q&A Moderated by Brian Herzlinger Cast members Maxwell ...

Dead To Me Cast Guesses Sounds from the 90s | Netflix

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini from the Netflix series Dead to Me try to guess the sound from 90s in a nostalgia quiz!

EXCLUSIVE: GREASE 2 - 35th Anniversary Reunion Screening: Reception and Film Introduction

March 12, 2018 GREASE 2 35th Anniversary Reunion Screening Reception and Film Introduction by Brian Herzlinger Cast ...

Katey Sagal family

Katey Sagal Sara Zwilling – mother Boris Sagal – father Jean and Liz Sagal – sisters Joe – brother Kurt Sutter – husband Freddie ...

The Fitzgerald Twins on Letterman, September 25, 1985

Fay and Faith Fitzgerald, the "most alike twins in the world," appear on the show. Dave really enjoys their song.

The House of The Rising Sun - The White Buffalo

"Série dramática de televisão criada por Kurt Sutter sobre a vida de um clube de Motociclistas ou Motoclube que se passa em ...

Sagal Twins 1983 McDonald's Breakfast Commercial

Jean and Liz Sagal in a 1983 commercial for McDonald's breakfast.

Katey Sagal - Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1993)

May 1993. MWC, making records, and her stolen bra.

Double Trouble TV Show Open - 1984

Here's the opening to "Double Trouble." The NBC television network aired "Double Trouble" from April 4, 1984 until March 30, ...

Married w Children Reunion -Katey Sagal Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame 9.2014 Check out: ...

Grease 2 - The Sorority Girls - "Brad" (Full Unreleased Song)

Here is a clean version of the song transferred from the vinyl to a digital format. Enjoy! Download the song here: ...

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