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How Scott Foley’s Wife Marika Domińczyk Landed ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Acting Role

Extra's” Mario Lopez sat down with Scott Foley at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he promoted his show “Whiskey Cavalier.

Marika Domińczyk - Movies and TV Shows

Hey Guys, here is a video showing all of the Movies and TV Shows that Marika Domińczyk has been in as of June 2017. Some of ...

Scott Foley on Relocating His Family to Prague

Scott Foley talks about his family adjusting to life in Prague after moving there for "Whiskey Cavalier."

Marika Dominczyk Exits Grey’s Anatomy Before Season 14

Marika Dominczyk, who plays Eliza Minnick on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, will not be returning in season 14. Minnick joined the cast ...

Marika Domińczyk at The 41st Annual Gracie Awards

Marika Domińczyk and Husband Scott Foley attended The 41st Annual Gracie Awards. Connect with New You!

'Scandal’ Star Scott Foley Reveals Why His Wife Won’t Run Lines with Him Anymore

Scott Foley has gotten accustomed to learning his lines by practicing them with his wife of eight years, actress Marika Dominczyk, ...

Whiskey Cavalier's Scott Foley On Raising His Kids In Prague

As a child, Scott lived in Japan and Australia, so he's so excited to give his 3 kids a similar experience, which he calls the "best gift.

Shondaland Revealed: Marika Dominczyk, Scott Foley break down this week's TGIT

This week, Beers catches up with both Grey's Anatomy star Marika Dominczyk and Scandal's Scott Foley, who are married in real ...

Scott Foley's Parenting Struggle

The "Scandal" star told Ellen about his experience looking after his three young kids while his wife was out of town.

Marika Domińczyk at Opening Gracie Awards

Marika Dominczyk's Opening - Gracie Awards.

Scandal - Grey's Crossover - Everyone would kiss Marika!

The Cast of Scandal got fan questions on FB live and Bellamy Young got the question what she would like to happen if Scandal ...

Scott Foley on His Children

He's got a new little one with his lovely wife, and he brought photos to show off their entire brood.

Udacznicy II - Winners II - Dagmara Domińczyk

Film „Światowe kariery Polaków. Udacznicy II" jest filmem dokumentalnym o Polakach którym się udało zrobić karierę, osiągnąć ...

First Look Darien: Dagmara Dominczyk

On Thursday, July 25, 2013, Dagmara Dominczyk, author of "The Lullaby of Polish Girls" was our featured speaker. For more ...

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