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Ricki Lake opens up about secret struggle with hair loss l GMA

The beloved actress and TV personality tells “Good Morning America” she has been struggling with hair loss for nearly 30 years.

Netta - Ricki Lake (Filatov & Karas Remix) [Music Video]

We are happy to present our new remix of "Ricki Lake" by Netta! Sometimes all you need is a bit of craziness in your life ...

I Have A Crush On... - Ricki Lake Show

Guests find out they have secret admirers, but finding out who they are won't be easy as they play games to reveal who they are.

Netta и группа "Фрукты" - "Ricki Lake". Вечерний Ургант. 24.02.2020

Победительница "Евровидения-2018" Netta представит у нас в студии свой новый сингл Ricki Lake.

Ricki Lake Show - "Let Me Warn You About My Ex!"

1993 episode where Ricki almost gets in the middle of a physical fight.

The X Factor Celebrity UK 2019 Ricki Lake Can She Make a Comeback Audition Full Clip S16E02

Follow me on instagram @thetonypatrony https://www.instagram.com/thetonypatrony/ If you'd like to support my channel please ...

Ricki Lake confronts Rev. Fred Phelps

1993 episode of The Ricki Lake Show where anti-gay preacher Rev. Fred Phelps gets booed and eventually walks off.

You Dissed Me, But Look At Me Now! - Ricki Lake Show

Guests who used to be "ugly" and have since transformed their looks, meet up with those in their past that dissed them.

The Ultimate Revenge! - Ricki Lake Show

The guests on today's show are about to get revenge on their unsuspecting friends and family members. Celebrity guest Ryan ...

The Best of The Ricki Lake Show: Premiere Flashback

Step back in time to September 13th, 1993 to revisit some of your favourite fun and emotional moments from the original Ricki ...

Netta - "Ricki Lake" (Lyrics)

Netta - "Ricki Lake" [Intro] I don't need ya high heels, bitch I'm higher Way up where they can't touch me See this face, no I don't ...

Behind the Scenes: You're 30, Get Out Of Mom's House! - Ricki Lake Show

They're at least 30, and still living at home. Their mom's say it's time to leave. Will they leave or are they here to stay? Also, Ricki ...

You Knew Me As A He, Now I'm A Gorgeous She! - Ricki Lake Show

Friends and family members find out that their loved ones aren't exactly who they think they are.

Ricki Lake Show - “My Baby’s Mother Hates My New Woman!”

1994 episode with volatile guests and an appearance by Ricki's dad Barry.

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