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Parallax View/Sumire Uesaka

Parallax View/Sumire Uesaka パララックスビュー 上坂すみれ Hozuki no Reitetsu ED Theme. Check out the classic-game-like PV.

上坂すみれ「ボン♡キュッ♡ボンは彼のモノ♡」Music Video

2019年4月17日(水)発売 上坂すみれ 10thシングル「ボン♡キュッ♡ボンは彼のモノ♡」 ...

Sumire Uesaka - Катюша (J-FEST 2013)

J FEST 2013 Sumire Uesaka исполняет Катюшу.

Uesaka Sumire Exposes her Dark Thoughts While Guessing Kanji Meanings

"Sumipe", known as the seiyuu obsessed with all things Russian, exposes some dark truths about growing up and living alone.

[Hige Driver - Uesaka Sumire] Azur Lane Event 'Crimson Echoes' B3/D3 1st Boss fight BGM (EN/JP/TH)

Hige Driver - Uesaka Sumire Event 'Crimson Echoes' is Azur Lane game Event Start at : CN Server: December 27th 2018 ...

Uesaka Sumire talks about tanks (From Sugita's AniGera #133) [Girls und Panzer]

From Sugita's AniGera #133 (2014-05-01) Host: Sugita Tomokazu, Mafia Kajita, Kedouin Guest: Uesaka Sumire ーーー 【杉田智和 ...

[ENG SUB] Uesaka Sumire Otaku Madness

Note: usually when Live concert Encore, the singer would change their cloth to Live Concert T-shirt The Show from 2016 The ...

Uesaka Sumire Creeped Out by Fan Letter

just a short video of Sumipe with Hayami Saori and Uchida Maaya for Sumipe birthday on 19th Dec.

Sumire-chan, That’s Why You Can’t Make Friends! [Chuunibyou]

Edy: #relatable Jun: #relatable This video was chosen by a Patreon! If you also want to choose what videos we sub and support ...

上坂すみれ「POP TEAM EPIC」Music Video(YouTube Edit)

2018年1月31日(水)発売 上坂すみれ「POP TEAM EPIC」 ○初回限定盤○ ...

Uesaka Sumire - Hige Driver

Hope you will guys like ^_^ Facebook ♫ Twitter ...

Sugita Tomokazu teasing Uesaka Sumire on Lady Go!! #143 (2014-06-23) [greduan Subs]

Source: Episode #143 of Lady Go!!, broadcast date of 2014-06-23 I believe.

Sumire Uesaka - Dekomori Sanae (J-FEST 2013)

Sumire Uesaka on the J-FEST 2013/ Sumire Uesaka показывает, как работают сейю (J-FEST 2013)


声優の上坂すみれちゃんが『オーディナルストラータ』のPRで遊びに来てくれました! せっかく来てくれたので、前からやってみたかった「アレ...

[Minase Inori's back sensation was like cold chick] said Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれやばい○○)

This is clip from 上坂すみれやばい○○ (Uesaka Sumire Yabai Maru Maru) Seiyuu Involved in this video: -Minase Inori -Uesaka ...

[Eng Sub] When Uesaka Sumire said something that baffled Sugita Tomokazu

SO GE KI Full episode: Ending ...

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