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Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings | Yoga with Vicky

This Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings, IT bands, Hips flexors and back is a 15 minute sequence, great at relieving tightness. These Yin ...

The Joy of Movement

Vicky Rodewyk performs yoga and dance at North Whale Beach rocks.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief | Yoga with Vicky

This simple Yoga sequence is great for neck and shoulder relief and can help to reduce headaches and tight shoulders.

Slim Toned arms workout | Pilates with Vicky

This 5 minute arm slimming and toning workout requires no equipment and is so fun that you won't feel like you are working out.

Detox Yoga | Flow for Detox and Letting Go

This Detox Yoga workout sequence is designed to help you twist out toxins and tone while you let go and unwind. A beginner ...

Yoga for sleep

Yoga for sleep-Calming, gentle, relaxing practice to help anyone unwind before bed. 14 minutes of Yin inspired postures will help ...

Muffin Top Workout | Pilates with Vicky

Lose your "muffin top" and get a flat belly with this complete Pilates routine designed to reduce fat around your lower belly and ...

Butt lift and slim thighs | 10 minute Pilates routine

This 10 minute routine will have your butt lifted and looking perky while slimming and toning your inner and outer thighs.

Bums and tums workout | Pilates to Tone and Tighten

Tone your bum, tummy and thighs with this 10 minute Pilates workout. These quick-fix exercises will get you feeling confident and ...

Rebel Sports : Winter 2012

See if you can spot Vicky Rodewyk.

Thigh blasting Pilates | Inner and Outer thighs

9 minute thigh blaster Pilates workout to lean out, tone and shape your inner and outer thighs. Fun and effective, these thigh ...

Love Handles Workout | Pilates with Vicky

This intense, quick Obliques routine will shred your love handles and work your side waist and core. Say "Love you later handles" ...

Revelations - The Initial Journey

Revelations - The Initial Journey (Episode: Friendly Islands) || Tom Hern as "Jess" & Vicky Rodewyk as "Vaani" || Music: ...

Luckless 'Skin & Bones' Official Music Video

Luckless - a melancholic indie rock band from new zealand 'Skin & Bones' Music Video Taken from the Luckless debut album ...

Richie & Vicky

Richie & Vicky 2015.

Yoga for lower back pain | Yoga with Vicky

Gentle Yoga for lower back pain relief. Suitable for beginners and anyone who experiences low back pain. Short and effective ...

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